Founders Corner

Dear Prospective Students,

What an honor to have you be a part of KCBC! As President and Vice-President, our mission is to "Honor God by Loving and Serving People!" KCBC is a God-serving, God-loving, people-serving place. We have the best staff and teachers you will ever find across the country! We are excited to go on the journey with you as you pursue your purpose and fulfill your destiny in God!

Pastor James Holloway Jr - President

Jennifer Holloway Vice-President

Kingdom Christian Bible College

Dear Prospective Students,

Welcome to KCBC, the school, that will prepare you for the future with wisdom, knowledge and understanding. We pray your journey will be one you will never forget, and that it will be one you will never forget, and that it will always be in your hearts to understand the Word of God. So, again welcome to KCBC where you will gain a greater walk with God.

Bishop James E Holloway Sr - Founder

Dr Linda D Holloway - Co Founder

Kingdom Christian Bible College

Founding Faculty
Minister Sheri Carthan
Minister Deborah Hayman
Minister Jennefer Lewis

"We Preach to Reach and Teach to Keep."

Kingdom Christian Bible College

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